7 April 2012

Bible Quote April 8th

Bible Quote April 8th
Do Not Marry
    Are you free of a wife?  Then do not look for a wife.  If you marry, however, you do not sin, nor does an unmarried woman sin if she marries; but such people will experience affliction in their earthly life, and I would like to spare you that.   (1 Corinthians 7:27-28 NAB)

Bible Quote April 7th

    One of them, a prophet of their own, once said ‘Cretans [the people of Crete] have always been liars, vicious beasts, and lazy gluttons.’  That testimony is true.   (Titus 1:12-13 NAB)

22 February 2012

24 January 2012

Reply to a Choosing Hats blog

In response to an article on a Christian blog Choosing Hats
I have never heard of Reddit and wasn't aware of a blackout. Never affected me anyway.. I use common sense to obtain my facts.

. I doubt thousands of scientists spend years on research for nothing. The evidence for evolution is overwhelming The evidence for God is an ancient book with stories passed down generation to generation, first by word of mouth then written down in an ancient language and finally translated.

The Bible is full of killings in the name of religion and improbable events. Why should a rational person believe all this trash? I envisage the world as a better place without religion. WE would take people for what they are not for what faith they choose,  the colour of skin or sexual orientation. People are people regardless.. They should be able to decide for themselves what is right and bear the consequences if they do wrong.

. Hopefully times are changing. As more scientific discoveries are made,  children, who otherwise would be forced to live in ignorance as their parents do,  will turn to thinking for themselves discovering the world of science and the wonderful things it has given Mankind.

We Are One - without the help of a god.

Office Skills Course

Are you unemployed, living in Leicester and want to learn new skills that will help you gain employment

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