24 January 2012

Reply to a Choosing Hats blog

In response to an article on a Christian blog Choosing Hats
I have never heard of Reddit and wasn't aware of a blackout. Never affected me anyway.. I use common sense to obtain my facts.

. I doubt thousands of scientists spend years on research for nothing. The evidence for evolution is overwhelming The evidence for God is an ancient book with stories passed down generation to generation, first by word of mouth then written down in an ancient language and finally translated.

The Bible is full of killings in the name of religion and improbable events. Why should a rational person believe all this trash? I envisage the world as a better place without religion. WE would take people for what they are not for what faith they choose,  the colour of skin or sexual orientation. People are people regardless.. They should be able to decide for themselves what is right and bear the consequences if they do wrong.

. Hopefully times are changing. As more scientific discoveries are made,  children, who otherwise would be forced to live in ignorance as their parents do,  will turn to thinking for themselves discovering the world of science and the wonderful things it has given Mankind.

We Are One - without the help of a god.

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2 January 2012

Bible rewritten to make it ‘easier to follow’

Christianity has become the first major religion to update its literature to suit modern, busy lives. ‘Bible On: Just Try to be Nice’ is expected to top the best-seller list, and has been hailed by critics for its ‘no-nonsense, less preachy approach’.
Vicars have often struggled to convince people with even a basic understanding of how the planet works that the current Bible is still relevant. ‘The old testament in particular has been hard to read aloud without someone sniggering, I’m pleased to see they’ve done away with that bit completely’, admitted David Parsonage, an experienced vicar of two. ‘All that smiting, vengeance and impossible levels of rainfall just distract from our core message: ‘try not to be too much of a dick’.’
Controversially, the new edition of the book has updated the names of some characters, and Jesus has been removed completely. ‘He’s been a bit hard to relate to since the ‘70s, if I’m honest’, explained co-author Ken Flowers. ‘If a kid is faced by a bearded man in sandals claiming that if they follow him they will experience endless love, they’re probably going to report him to Childline. That’s why we’ve replaced him with a talking bear called Keith, who looks sad if you drop litter, or knock something over.’
Flowers believes parables and metaphors can confuse the modern audience. ‘There’s often a fundamental misunderstanding of the old version’, sighed the author, ‘which is why we’ve asked Professor Brian Cox to proof-read the new version for technical accuracy. For instance, we now claim ‘it is more difficult to push a balloon through the eye of a Dyson bladeless fan than it is for a weird man to enter a Klingon convention.’ Brian wasn’t sure what we can really learn from that, but it is at least scientifically provable.’
Some groups claim the new text isn’t open enough to deliberate misinterpretation. ‘It’s all very well replacing the ten commandments with the suggestion that you ‘think twice before doing something that you might later regret’’, complained Orson Shapwell, the head of an obscure church that worships fish, ‘but substituting angels with ‘a chance that someone might see you doing that’ doesn’t give us much room for manoeuvre.’
‘My flock relies on me to tell them what to think, and I’m pleased to say they’ll believe almost anything’, declared Shapwell. ‘If I suddenly start asking them to ‘listen to their conscience’ or ‘behave in case they get caught’, I could be out of a job. If you ask me, it’s putting a bit too much faith in humanity; ‘don’t expect too much from people, a lot of them are bastards’, to quote the Good Bear Keith.’

1 January 2012

The meaning of my blog

I suppose I could be classed as an atheist. I don't believe the story that some mythological creature waved a hand and everything came into being. I lean to the scientific views which contains logic, common-sense and evidence. Geological points towards this with discovery of fossils dated 6 billion years old. Cosmology points towards that the big bang happened. These have been proved over and over. There are a few Christian fundamentalists that still claim the Earth is only 6000 years old. That is so ridiculous that even the majority of believers have dismissed it as rubbish.

So why are stories in the Bible still believed? Because that is what they are. In ancient times people believed the sun traveled around the Earth. We now know different, but in those times there was not the evidence there ares these days. The world was still in an unstable state, volcanoes were active and people wanted to know what their life meant and what happened after they died. The night skies were clear and constellations could be seen as figures. These were explained by elders of tribes as super beings able to control the weather and  peoples lives. The elders then told tribes people that if they followed their commands they could guarantee a good life on Earth and in the afterlife. And so the stories continue.

I have nothing against religion but do not want it shoved down my throat. I believe people can live together and treat others as equal without the help of a God. It is the person that counts and how we treat each other.
There are links to other blogs here such as Freethought and humanity sites. Read them before condemning me to Hell. and portraying me as evil because of my thoughts.