18 November 2011

Beer fest at Salmon

Beer Festival at the Salmon Freehouse this weekend. Loads of new breweries and fine a;es. You may even be served by the landlord himself.

9 November 2011

Page One

Last Saturday 5th November I went to see Page One being shown at Phoenix Square as part of Citizens' Eye media week. Comissioned by the editor John Coster this was a thought provoking film following the news team of the New York Times for a year. Breaking news stories included the Wikkileak controversy and forces leaving Iraq.. The film focussed on the changing ways in which news is reported with the arrival of other media sources such as Facebook and Twitter.
Well worth seeing for anyone interested in how the media works.

1 November 2011

Newt Gingrich values religion above morality and knowledge.

, “the notion that you are endowed by your creator sets a certain boundary of what we mean by America.” Gingrich said that Americans should value religion first, above morality and knowledge

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Now I don't know about anyone else but I value morality top and knowledge pretty high up on my priorities. With morality comes fairness, respect and even love for other people. What does Newt Gingrich pray for? It cannot be for the well-being for others for that would involve compassion and without a sense of morality there cannot be compassion. 
When he prays does he not ask for wisdom to do the right thing? Wisdom requires the ability to take in knowledge and learn from it. Knowledge is at the basis of makes us humans. We seek knowledge to progress in our lives, to find cures for terrible diseases, to help the sick and dying and here morality and knowledge share a common goal. To do what is right, to be as one and this can be acheived without the help of a god if we value morality and knowledge above religion.

A message from The Salmon Freehouse

The Salmon Freehouse
We are doing a Christmas raffle in aid of air ambulance, they depend on charity donations as they do not get government funding. If any one would like to donate a raffle prize this would be gratefully received by June or Steve. Thanks