29 October 2011

Another Joke

The coloition we have in place. Public services being cut all over the place. Jo figures rising. Extortinate student fees. And the Lib Dems who are supposed to believe in being fair supports all this.
I went for a job the other day. Litter picking 2 days a week Sat/Sun 4 hrs a day. There were 40-50 applicants. What a joke. My JSA is £135 per fortnight. Could you live on that Mr Cameron/Mr Clegg.
I very much doubt it but you expect thousands of unemployed people to. They are not didling the system. It's the executives who fiddle expenses who are on 50 grand a year that ought to be stopped.
They cost more to the country than a lowly man on the street trying to fend for his family. Butv again I doubt you will do anything about the top earners that dodge taxes because politicians do it too and while they are benifiting they don't give a thought for anyone else.

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